I was born in Chicago, Ilinois on July 9th of 1978. ​​I've been an entrepreneur/business owner/investor since the age of 9. It all started after church one Sunday when I was living in Los Angeles. My father was a preacher and that Sunday after the service, I got curious about jumping in a huge dumpster and so I did because I saw an interesting but mysterious looking wooden box. I opened it and there were hundreds of foreign coins. Some were big. Some were small. Some were shiny. I was amazed! I thought this was a gift from God! So, I fell in love with them! I started to seek out foreign coins by asking my parents and their church members if I could buy or trade them for some. Everyone I asked just gave them to me like a donation. I was thankful and grateful! I probably doubled my collection within a year from that day!  

Then about a month later, I got the news we were moving to good ole' Enterprise, Alabama. I was kind of shocked and so I asked my parents if we were about to live in a barn on a farm! Luckily, we moved into a house...a normal 3 bedroom 2 bath house. Thank God! Then by the age of 10, I became good friends with Adrien and Nevin and they got me into collecting Sports Cards...mainly basketball, football, and baseball. We would buy, sell, and trade our cards regularly. It was competition but also it was a lot of team work. At the same time, I started playing basketball, football, and baseball...especially basketball! I wanted to be Michael Jordan so bad! I had all of his cards...even his rookie card! 

So by the age of 13, I had a card collection worth over $10,000! Then sadly but proudly, I sold all of my cards by the age of 15 to buy my first car. It was a sense of accomplishment of reaching the next level in my career as an entrepreneur! Then afterwards, I took a 2 year break to focus on high school and sports. I was attending Enterprise High School. I got heavily into basketball and even tennis. I was playing at the high school level and even recreational leagues. Then soon after graduating high school in 1996 when I was 18, I got into the home business industry with my older brother, Eugene Lee(who recently passed away in May 17, 2013).

We were attending Enterprise State Junior College. We had some growing pains which is normal for anybody in business. But soon after we gained some experience, we hit it big after a couple of years. We had created a full time income while we were in college. Even though we were busy with school and playing college sports(my brother and I played high school and tennis together); and we were even getting into acting and modeling at this time, but we still found a way to be successful in our own business ventures.

In fact, my brother and I got signed by a modeling agency in Atlanta after we attended Model Search America in 1996. We were very fortunate! We were on dozens of catalogs and magazines in 1996. My brother and I believed in working hard, but playing hard too. We both had a blast at the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996! We lived about 4 hours away. We were also both in multiple shows on MTV in 1997 when they came to Panama City, Florida! We lived only 2 hours away. We got lucky to be able to be dancers on The Grind with the late Aaliyah and even the Spice Girls! We were also extras on an MTV show, as well as a TV commercial with Carmen Electra! We even found 2 tickets to see Aerosmith and Stone Temple Pilots that week! We found them on the concrete in the parking lot! We got so lucky! 

In 1999, I attended Auburn University in Alabama and graduated in 2002. I should have graduated in 2001 but I took a year off to do some traveling, modeling and acting. In 2001, I was in a movie called World Traveler(fitting because I'm in a World Travel company right now!) The notable stars in this movie are Julianne Moore and Billy Crudup. We filmed this in Birmingham, Alabama, which was 2 and a half hours away. I was also in 6 episodes of Dawson's Creek. This was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina; which was ten hours away from Enterprise, Alabama. And then in 2003, I was in a movie called Big Fish; which starred Ewan McGregor and Billy Crudup and Jessica Lange. Unfortunately, since my brother attended Auburn University in 1998; him and I were not doing business, modeling, and acting together. He wanted to go his own path in life, which is what we all eventually do. But I had some of my best times and greatest memories with my brother. I learned a lot from him. He led the way and I followed. We've started at the bottom of the mountain and together we've made it to the top. 

Then in June of 2004, I moved to the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado! I came here to ultimately promote real estate education and invest in Real Estate with my buddy Steve. I've been here for ten years so far and boy has it been an adventure. I've faced challenges that I never knew I would face. I met my current business associate and good friend, Johnny in August of 2004 and I'm still working with him and we are traveling and changing the world together. I also met the Williams(Venus and Serena) family in 2005 and I've been fortunate enough to attend the US Open as their guest 6 times since then and met some great people. I've also attend the NBA All Star game 3 times in 2005, 2006, and 2007. My business ventures have been challenging these ten years in Denver but every experience has been worth it!

Through my experiences, I have learned to humbled myself to focus on helping others get what they want and that is what brings me satisfaction every day. What I'm most proud about is creating success in others through becoming a Success Coach. Being in the home business industry now for over 18 years, I learned that being unselfish and putting the focus on other people's goals and dreams is what creates success for all. Creating a win-win situation is creating a rising tide that raises all ships and that is what I live by. In the home business industry, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. I know exactly how to take somebody from zero to hero, from good to great, and from unsuccessful to successful. You just have to be coachable, teachable, and trainable. If you are, you will be unstoppable!

In the home business industry, I have created a customer base of over 200,000 in over 200 countries. I have also personally coached thousands of individuals to create part-time income to full time income and to even creating generational wealth for their children and their children's children. As a Success Coach in the home business industry, I have helped open minds and hearts where it was nearly impossible to get others to do so because of mental scars and bad self talk and bad habits as well as hurtful past memories. I help individuals to "see the light" through my eyes and to put things into perspective that allows them to not only "see the light" but stay in the light. This constant positive reinforcement is what can take individuals past performances and habits and create new results that will bring about ultimate spiritual freedom, emotional freedom, time freedom, financial freedom, happiness, and fulfillment.