​​​​​​​​​​​I am a World Changer and a World Traveler with WorldVentures, and I help others do the same! I live and love to see the world...one place at a time, and I live and love to change the world...one person at a time. I help others create a lifestyle of fun, freedom, and fulfillment...by helping others make a living...living! 

My motto is: "Before we leave the world...let's go see the world...and change the world...together!" This is a quote that I officially made on 4/30/14 and this quote is what I've been living by since I was 18 years old. This message is my imprint...my legacy...on our world. I live it...I breathe it...every moment...every second...of my life.

The two most important days of your life is...the day you were born...and the day you realized "WHY" you were born! Consider this...your day two!!

I want to share with you a video that has changed my life forever. This 2 minute video has given me a different perspective of time and I believe this is the the most important video you will ever see about time...the urgency of time. Go to: time.brucehlee.me

As you can see, time is the most valuable commodity that we have. We are very limited in how much time we have on this planet. The sad thing is when people are on their deathbeds, they usually regret the things they haven't done vs. the things that they have done. The reality is most people don't fulfill their purpose and destiny in life and the majority don't maximize their full potential as a human being. 

We were all brought upon this earth for a reason! I believe we are meant to be here to do more and be more than we already are! I believe we were born to build and take with with us the only thing we take with us with our spirit when we die, and that is our memories...through our experiences in life! And what is the best way to build memories with our family and friends? Through amazing experiences while traveling and seeing the world...and bringing as many people as you can with you!

So...If you are overworked and underpaid...If you hate your job/boss/business...If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired...If you want to live a meaningful life...If you want to live a purposeful life...If you want to create a legacy for you and your family and this world...If you want to do something and be a part of something that is bigger than you...If you want more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in your life...If you want to make a living...living...If you want to be a movement maker...If you want to be a world traveler...If you want to be a world changer...then read below... 

I've been a Success Coach in the home business industry for almost 18 years now, since 1996 and this industry has allowed me the luxury to retire myself over 15 years ago, in 1999. These days, I've been fortunate enough to work because I want to...not because I have to. I've been blessed to do the things I love to do as often as I want and whenever I want, without a boss telling me what to do. (Please check out and click like on my Facebook fan page at:

With the time and money freedom that the home business industry has allowed me to create; I love to play and teach tennis, play basketball, and work out at the gym multiple times a week. I also love to sing and play my guitar at my studio and sing karaoke...as well as act and model several times a month. Feel free to check out some my modeling/acting pics through the agency I work with here in Denver, CO...Maximum Talent. Go to: brucehlee.info

On top of that, I go on vacation almost every month and I love to mix and mingle with thousands of my closest friends in the WV club. I also love to meet and greet some of my favorite celebrities in pro basketball, pro football, pro tennis, pro golf and even in mixed martial arts. I've also met a lot of famous singers, actors/actresses, and models while on vacation and became good friends and even business associates with many of them. Feel free to see these pics above on this page.

​But overall, my deep down burning passion has always been to help others create their own destiny and lifestyle. I have helped thousands create time and money freedom, but I won't stop until I help millions! You can't put a price tag on having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, and with whomever you want! So if you want the kind of lifestyle you deserve to have, watch the 3 short videos of our award winning travel club at:

If you want to join the club, call me at 303-482-2476 and I will walk you through step by step. If you want to register yourself in, go to the "SIGN UP" tab.

*​To watch a more detailed video of our business opportunity or to see our video in Spanish, our International video, and even a closed caption video; go to:

*To hear some amazing stories of success from some of our team members and to see the urgency of timing and placement within our compensation plan, go to: js.brucehlee.me and fast forward the video to 22:14 and watch it until the end. You will understand how to potentially have hundreds to thousands of customers placed(spillover) in your business by your upteam/upline! This can result in a major increase in your income as well as creating a major shortcut in your business!

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*The industry of Network Marketing has created more first time Millionaires than any other industry out there! Over 200 Billion dollars in revenue is generated every year through Network Marketing! Some of the wealthiest business men on earth not only supports, recommends, and endorses Network Marketing; but also own companies in Network Marketing. Two of them to mention is Warren Buffet, who is the richest man on earth in many reports and Donald Trump, who is probably the most famous business man on earth!!

*What's amazing is everybody does network marketing, but most of us don't get paid for it! How many times have we referred a good movie or a good restaurant to our family and friends? We do it all the time! But like I said, we just don't get paid for it! Or how about Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg is now worth 33.3 Billion Dollars! But who built Facebook? We did! Have you ever received a check from Facebook? No! None of us have!

$80,000 in potential value in 1st year!

1) $10,000 in potential savings off of travel, dining, entertainment, and shopping!

2) $10,000 in potential tax savings from having a home-based business with WV!

3) $10,000 in potential value by having over 1000 sales credits of spillover volume!

4) $10,000 in potential value of having credit enhancement to obtain vehicles and homes and even being able to obtain personal and business credit lines and loans! This is possible because I own a credit enhancement and funding business to help my team.

5) $40,000 in potential value from my business coaching from my Success coaching experience. I have charged $10,000 to coach for 3 months increments, so 12 months of coaching can have a value of $40,000! I create success in others.


Our business model grows just like any other successful business, which is mainly through referrals and recommendations by word of mouth. Watch the potential duplication and multiplication effects that can happen in your business when your team picks up momentum! 

If you get a penny and double it everyday, how much is it in 30 days? 

Day 1: .02

Day 2: .04

Day 3: .08

Day 4: .16

Day 5: .32

Day 6: .64

Day 7: 1.28

Day 8: 2.56

Day 9: 5.12

Day 10: 10.24

Day 11: 20.48

Day 12: 40.96

Day 13: 81.92

Day 14: 163.84

Day 15: 327.68

Day 16: 655.36

Day 17: 1,310.72

Day 18: 2,621.44

​Day 19: 5,242.88

Day 20: 10,485.76

Day 21: 20,971.52

Day 22: 41,943.04

Day 23: 83,886.08

Day 24: 167,772.16

Day 25: 335,544.32

Day 26: 671,088.64

Day 27: 1,342,177.28

Day 28: 2,684,354.56

Day 29: 5,368,709.12

​Day 30: 10,737,418.24

That's a total of almost 20 Million Dollars if you add all 30 days! WOW!

Now say if a similar doubling effect happened to your business if you and your team enroll new members on your team every month for just 12 months. Here's an example:

Month 1: 2

Month 2: 4

Month 3: 8

Month 4: 16

Month 5: 32

Month 6: 64

​Month 7: 128

​Month 8: 256

Month 9: 512

Month 10: 1024

​Month 11: 2048

​Month 12: 4096

​That's a total of 8,190 members on your team if you add all 12 months! That equates to over $40,000 a month in residual income if you have over 4,000 on your left team and over 4,000 on your right team! This is not including the weekly income you would get as you move up in numbers and ranks. The weekly income can sometimes exceed your monthly residuals. For example, if you are making $40,000 a month in residuals, your weekly income for the month could be $20,000 to $40,000 to even $80,000 or $100,000.

-The maximum per rep position is $50,000 in monthly residuals and $25,000 in weekly income($100,000 total for the month).

-If you earn over $25,000 in one month, you will be granted an extra rep position directly above your main position. 

*The numbers shown here are for illustration purposes only. There are no guarantee of numbers, results, or income here. This is just an example of how your team can grow as a result of your team building momentum through personal and team membership sales.

*This business just like any other business is a numbers game.